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Case Study: Swing Intensive.

“Dan’s been working with us for the last three years. His support in not only creating film, copy & web assets but also in helping to shape ideas has been invaluable.”

Lana Williams.

Swing Intensive runs week-long dance camps where casual dancers can train like a professional.


We worked with Swing Intensive from launch. Initially we worked to develop their messaging and later built their Website,  customer relationship management systems and implemented Facebook ad campaigns.


It has been a complete approach from marketing and strategy all the way to creating an artistic expression. Throughout the project  a special emphasis  was placed on capturing the athleticism and artistry of their team.


Here’s a short breakdown of each of the stages. 

And, of course, if you want to work together to implement similar systems for your brand, then please do get in touch.

Understanding the audience


First we created user persona’s and we looked at industry partners we could work with to share the value offered.


We identified that other community pages lacked authority, they were not able to make definitive statements about  the dance, where as swing-intensive had a strong connection with the historical lineage.


The instructors were directly trained by classic jazz dancers and also had a wealth of professional dance experience. 


So we designed our first content to allow other community pages to borrow our authority. 


We wanted to lend them some of the credibility that the brand offered. To this end we created educational content, and the organic performance was fantastic.


This resulted in rapid growth of the business channels. With one piece of content gaining 8300 reach organically and 589 shares.

Creating systems.


After this we rebuilt Swing Intensives online platform to be able to provide an integrated customer management experience.

The online platform that we created is able to automate emails, send notifications to the businesses owners phone (via an app) and to host online prep-courses to deliver extra value to the customer.

The end result is that the business owners are able to manage all of their email marketing, workshop applications and content from one mobile app. Greatly reducing the stress involved in running the workshops and increasing the value delivered to the customer.

Marketing & sales

In order to create a cost effective campaign we created a series of ads that worked to first find individuals who would have an interest, secondly build trust and then serve then finally serve them with a sales message.

These highly targeted messages, custom audiences and retargeting campaigns we are able to drive traffic to the swing intensive website for £1 ppc.

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