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Case study: Swing Intensive

“Dan’s been working with us for thel ast three years. The support in not only creating film, copy & webassets but also in helping to shape ideas has been invaluable.

Swing Intensives offering is week long swing dance events that give all of us the opportunity to train as a professional dancer.

These festival-like events require that the user have a high degree of trust with the provider. To this end we have created assets that are all steered towards providing long term value to the user.

Not only do we want to deliver value in the form of ‘takeaways’ & ‘tips’ we also want to prepare the user psychologically. So that when they arrive they are prepared for an intensive training experience.

Part of the challenge is to take users from attitude (that we lovingly labelled as the ‘ambitious ameteur’. To another, that of the pro.

The difference between an ambitious ameteur and a pro is not more techniques. It is a difference in attitude that (over time) results in a difference in perception.

To this end, students must arrive understanding that they must bring a entirely different attitude to their training if they are to break through their current plateau.

How do we reach these goals

  1. Messaging - Inspiring, disciplined, hardworking.

  2. Creating market leading content. Showing the information that just isnt available within the regular ‘swing dance’ community

  3. 360 engagement. We create programs that not only

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